How Trees4Eternity works!

How Trees4Eternity works!

Trees4Eternity has set itself the goal of making an important contribution to global climate protection. For this, Trees4Eternity decided to protect existing forests. The areas that Trees4Eternity protects are located in British Columbia, Canada and are several hundred to thousand years old temperate coastal rainforest. Every square meter of this complex ecosystem offers a diverse and in some cases endemic flora and fauna habitats - from the roots to the treetops. The trees and the surrounding nature have an excessively high carbon binding mass. Professionally determined and scientifically substantiated, every square meter of the protected area binds the immense amount of 104.79 kg of CO2.

Every piece of forest is protected by sponsorship!

The forest areas are forever protected by a nature conservation NGO with a legally secure entry in the land register. This is the only way to prevent logging and clearing of large areas by forestry. Because the "death" of trees in a wide area affects the habitat of the plants and animals living there, which are often intertwined with one another. Important parts of the complex ecosystem are lost in deforestation and connections such as food chains are destroyed. Last but not least, the carbon bound by the tree is released again and thus has a very negative effect on the climate.

Protect trees now: With the world's first climate-protecting NFT Collection!

Tree Hugger CollectionTrees4Eternity pursues a very modern and innovative approach that combines real, existing forest with a digital object.

Therefore Trees4Eternity protects forest areas that are legally secured by an NGO in the land register.

A so-called NFT (non-fungible token) is used as the digital element. The NFT represents a unique graphic that was created by Trees4Eternity and visualizes the “protagonist” tree. Each NFT is written in the so-called blockchain, which allows the history and ownership rights to be shown. For more detailed explanations see here.

All NFTs can be purchased and earned. But trading through resale is also possible.

Pre-programmed increase in value!

Whether trading or collecting, the value of every single NFT will increase. This is partly due to the exploitation of global raw materials. In particular, the “lungs of our earth”, the forests and their surrounding habitats, need to be protected from deforestation. It takes up to 10 years before a tree can even bind relevant quantities of greenhouse gases, especially carbon. It is easy to calculate that the current deforestation is many times faster than new trees are growing back.

This inevitably leads to an increase in the value of natural spaces - regardless of whether you own land yourself or protect land through sponsorship and thus compensate for CO2.

The best for last!

Primary market:

  • 42% of the Tree Hugger Collection NFT proceeds is invested to protect new forest areas that can sequester high carbon mass.*
  • 70% of the royalty fee is invested in the protection of new forest!*

Secondary market:

  • Through further trading royalty fees, 70% are invested in the protection of new natural areas. These new forest protection areas also receive matching NFTs, which are published in new collections. This creates a cycle of tree protection and a habitat for digital trees. 😊 👍

Do not hesitate and protect trees now!

Sustainable and protected for eternity, by purchasing a Tree Hugger NFT you are helping to preserve the natural areas and trees connected to it. You are helping to make an important contribution to mitigating global warming!!

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* After the complete sale of all 21 NFTs of the Tree Hugger Collection #1, Trees4Eternity invests 42% of the proceeds and 70% of the royalty fee to protect new forest areas that can sequester high carbon mass. New exclusive Tree Hugger NFTs will be created and linked to the new protected land areas.

🌲 New exclusive Tree Hugger NFTs will be minted once all Tree NFTs are sold 🌳