With Trees4Eternity you help mitigate climate disruption and make an important contribution to 🌎 global climate protection and nature conservation. Especially the protection of existing (primeval) forests🌲🌳 has a particularly strong and positive impact, which we at Trees4Eternity have therefore carefully selected.
🧐 Every square meter of the protected area represents a complex ecosystem with a diverse and partly endemic flora 🌱 and fauna. 🐜 The immense amount of 104.79 kg of carbon is bound in every single square meter.


Bringing blockchain technology and climate protection into a symbiosis is the intention of the Trees4Eternity project. πŸŒ²πŸ”—πŸ–Ό The successful result is the linking of the protected forest areas = the "real existing object" with the "digital twin" = the Tree Hugger NFT. Each of the 32 square meter protection areas is linked to one of the NFTs and binds as much carbon as a return flight ✈️ from Berlin to New York causes = 3.35 tons of carbon.

πŸš€ The brilliant idea of how it can work and serve an enormous conservation purpose finally came to me during a half marathon run in autumn 2021. And even during the development of the roadmap, I invested my savings in the protection of 21 forest areas with a total area of almost 700 sqm with over 70 Tonnes of sequestered CO2 in the coastal rainforest of British Columbia, Canada (21 NFTs in homage to the 21 half marathon kilometers where the idea was born 😏)


The 32 square meter areas are protected forever by an NGO through a πŸ”– land register entry. I designed 21 very individual Pop Art NFTs that represent the connection between the real forest (half of the tree with fine contours) and the digital twin (half of the tree with pixels) and symbolize hope for the global climate with the sun's rays in the background.

πŸ’Ž In order to show the rarity of the NFTs, each individual NFT is assigned its individual properties.
β›“ The NFTs are minted on OpenSea: one part of the Tree Hugger Collection on the Ethereum blockchain and the other part on the Polygon blockchain.
πŸ”Ž The NFT owner exclusively can view the sponsorship certificate for β€œhis” protected land and the GEO coordinates, including a link to the map application.

By reinvesting a large part of the sales proceedsπŸ’° in new forest protection 🌳🌲 new NFTs can be minted and an important positive cycle πŸ”„ is created. More and more forest can be protected from deforestation with the Trees4Eternity project. πŸŒ In this way, the CO2 stored in the trees and plants remains bound, can bind further CO2 through growth and the habitats of the animal and plant inhabitants are preserved.

πŸ‘ The carbon footprint of running the website, minting the NFTs and the first transaction are already offset by Trees4Eternity.